At Healthy Teachers we believe that teaching should be a rewarding and fulfilling career that has the potential to change lives like no other.  

We believe teachers should enjoy everyday, they should know their worth and be happy in their role. Sadly this is not the case for many of our colleagues, the numbers don't lie. More teachers than ever are leaving the profession and if the current trends continue we will soon witness more teachers leaving the profession than joining. If we add to this storm the fact the the number of secondary school students is going to increase until 2025... well it doesn't take a genius to see that their is trouble ahead.

Although we do not (yet) possess a magic wand and cannot pull funding from thin air, what we can do is make teaching that little bit easier for as many teachers as possible.

Our aim is to provide high quality resources  and guides on how to use them  that can drastically cut workload whilst leading to high outcomes for students. Everyone wins.

If we do it properly, teachers have more time, take less work home, spend more time with friends and family, more time investing in themselves instead of always thinking of others and as a result are happier and healthier.

If we can help only a few teachers then we will have made a difference but our aim is to help turn the tide and keep as many teachers as possible in the career they love.

Look out for our first ever book;

Teach well.

Reduce workload.

Be happy

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Free resource launch

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